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At the heart of her ministry is her passion for issues relating to marriage, parenting, women in leadership and mentoring pastors' wives to function within their God-given call to help their husbands. 

Utilizing divine inspiration along with life-experience, Pastor Sharon has authored and published several books including, "From the Heart of a Pastor's Wife," "The Summer of a Woman's Life," and her most recent release, "Sex and the Tired Wife." Practical, humorous, and informative books jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom for every reader whether young or old, single or married, female or male.  She also pens a social media blog entitled, ‘Matters of the Heart’ which specifically speaks to issues and challenges troubling God’s people, what His Word says and it can be applied to cover every area of concern. 

Bishop Jones not only shares the pulpit with her husband, Bishop Arthur T. Jones, Sr., freely ministering when called upon, but she also serves as National President of the Women's Department of All People International Church which hosts the Annual Ishshah conference and leads a National daily prayer conference call, “It’s Another Time to Pray”. She is the founder of SheLeads, a ministry designed to empower and train women to walk in the authority God gave them to lead and influence their homes and communities.

Recognized for her exemplary abilities to organize, facilitate, and lecture, Bishop Jones is Superintendent of All People International Church Biblical Studies course and is often requested to minister or lecture. She has been a guest lecturer at Truth Bible College Conference, "Women in Leadership - Submission to God, Church Authority and Husband",  and lectured at their Women's Summit, "Pastor's Wife to Pastors' Wives". She has served on the Advisory Committee for "Christian Women United of Northeast Florida". Bishop Jones has organized and facilitated numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops.

A highly respected, greatly loved, anointed servant of God worthy of double honor whom God is not through with yet.


"Encouraging words from Bishop Sharon have been great reminders in my life."


"Bishop Sharon motivated me to be a virtuous woman of God and to live a life that's pleasing to Him."


"Bishop Sharon's life and leadership has been an exceptional example of using and multiplying the gifts God has given to each of us."


"She loves us through the wisdom and strength of God."


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